On my way in Abu Dhabi airport

Sand DunesWell this begins the Straw Dragons blog which detailing the experiences of its author while teaching English for a year in a Chinese high school. As it currently stands I am not actually in what its natives modestly call zhong gao or middle nation (as in the centre of the earth). Instead I am sitting on a sturdy suitcase, probably taking up more room than I need, waiting for the gate of my transfer flight to Beijing in Abu Dhabi to open. Given then that whatever exciting/tepid adventures I may experience haven’t actually happened yet I have very little to write about.

So I will simply finish by saying that for whatever reason you are reading this, either because you know me and care enough to follow my often rambling steam of thought or because you have simply stumbled across this in the recesses of the net. I hope that you find what you see to be at least in part amusing.