Patience is a virtue in China in much the same way that breathing is a necessity for continuing to live.

I know I said that it would be a few days before I posted again, though I can’t imagine anyone reading this has really been that distressed from my protacted absence. As it turns out, it took us, me and my work partner Kyall, nearly a week to get internet in the apartment where we now live for the next year. China is a bizzare mix of efficiency and druken work ethics.  Punctuallity is vital to maintaining all imporant face yet it will take you eons to get anything fixed in your house. The Chinese are also very good at not sharing what you would think was imporant information. The resident Texan teacher Pat told me of how half of his lessons where canceled for various reasons one day, so he was walking home to be stopped and asked if he was free to go to a meeting.  Replying yes he then asked what time it was. The answer “ten minutes ago… your late”

But this is just the rhythm of day to day life it is something that you become accustomed to…eventually. Much like in Britain how the bus time table’s seem to bear little to no reassemble as to when the bus actually turns up.  It is nice to now live in a country where you know the times presented are the times the bus will arrive for once. Anyhow as you might guess, quite a lot of stuff has  happened in the past week or so and because it would take at least  4000 words to properly cover it and as I write this it is now midnight and my computer is currently on the edge of overheating I am not going to dump a incredibly long winded monologue on what has occurred. Instead im going to update this blog daily which should leave it up to speed within 3 mabye 4 days. Things have finally settled down and nothing too exciting should occur within the next week.

PS: forgive the spelling and grammatical mistakes I often have to type this while my computer is perched precariously on my knee for various reasons. This time it is a product of only having one Ethernet cable and one desk which both me and Kyall want to use so compromise is in order. He gets the desk to lay his laptop on I get the ethernet cable and no desk. Better than nothing though.

6 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Will keep an eye on your blog and what you are getting up to. Great to hear your first week went without any major hitches….most of all enjoy!! Patience Grasshopper, Patience!

  2. Good to hear from you. Yes, you will get used to the different approaches to life, and feel you are finally on top of things and that you can deal with whatever the country can throw at you. Unfortunately, that is just about the time you are getting ready to return! 😉


  3. Some week Alex! I like the points about patience & breathing, selective communication, punctuality & face. The buses sound good, and your working compromises with Kyall. Looking forward to your next. Bw, Felicia